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Touching Distance_043.jpg


Touching Distance is a new body of work by Glasgow-based artist Graham Lister. ​

Since 2017, painted ‘barrier works’, featuring repeated motifs of chain links, security fences and woven protective materials have featured in solo exhibitions across the UK and in Germany. Touching Distance looks to further consider such motifs, against the contemporary backdrop of social distancing and everyday protective materials.


Solid structures transmit a feeling of containment and perform their function differently than more open chain link fences might do. A fabric weave can curtain off a space or protect an object, but also may possess a more tactile and inviting quality. Loose woven materials allow for temporary separations in space to be created, but also can picked apart to offer glimpses of that which lies beyond. Touching Distance showcases up a suite of interconnected painted and expanded works; inviting viewers to consider how ideas of being in space, of touching surfaces and of trying to ‘peer behind’ might be considered visually.


This project is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

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